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2K banned me for just brainless reason

I've never acclimated Bargain Abode to buy or advertise MT coins, but 2K banned me from application it. I submitted a admission to ask why and waited for added than 2 months afresh get this response:

"Though you did not "purchase" or "sell" MT online the Dev aggregation noticed abounding of your Bargain Abode affairs complex top amounts of MT accepting bought out on low admired cards. This is generally a assurance of MT "farming" and "transferring" between accounts. I accept this can be arresting but we had the Development aggregation themselves analysis your case and annual and they accepted the ban will remain."

Than I acknowledgment like this:

"You mentioned that "high amounts of MT accepting bought out on low admired cards. This is generally a assurance of MT "farming" and "transferring" amid accounts". However, amuse do analysis the cards I bought again.

I'm abiding the "low admired cards" you mentioned are the brownish cards. But you should accept accepted that about 6 months afterwards NBA2K17 was released, it became harder and harder to bid assertive brownish cards in myteam approach of 2K17. So the "low value brownish cards" became actual actual expensive. Some times 20k mt coins for a brownish card. Until NBA2K18 was released, there was still a aggregation accumulating I can't completed in NBA2K17, just because I can't buy the assertive brownish agenda in Auction House.

That's why this year I absitively to buy all the brownish cards afore they become antic big-ticket or antic difficult to get. You can analysis the "low admired cards" I bought Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. Afore I bought them I don't accept those cards in my collection. And I didn't buy alike brownish cards. And the alone acumen I bought the brownish cards is to complete the aggregation collection. It complex top amounts of MT because I bid a big bulk of cards afore I went to sleep. Amuse check how abundant MT I spent on anniversary card, the alone bulk was not top at all.

I'm not in actuality abiding what do you beggarly by MT "farming" or "transferring" amid accounts". But amuse analysis all those cards that could cause the ban. Are they from the aforementioned accounts or on a top price?

For example, if I bought 40 cards with 1500 MT each, it's still a top bulk of MT in total, but for anniversary agenda it's a accustomed price. And the 40 cards may arise from 30 altered accounts. How can I alteration MT to an annual I can't bulk out? (Say if anyone acquaint me he's traveling to set a brownish card's bulk on 50,000 MT, of beforehand I can bulk out it's from a assertive account. But 40 cards with about 1500 MT each, how can I alteration MT to them intentionally? They are normal!)

Please do analysis the cards I bought, are they set on a top bulk each? Are they in my accumulating afore I bought them? Are they from the aforementioned annual or aforementioned accounts?

It's just my accommodation to aggregate brownish cards aboriginal afore they became difficult or big-ticket to get, which was based on my acquaintance of NBA2K17. And as a aftereffect you banned my bargain for 50 canicule and acquaint me the ban will remain! That's not fair at all.

Please, amuse do analysis the cards I bought. Do you in actuality ahead it's accessible for me to "farming" or "transferring" MT with them with such low bulk on anniversary card? Was I alteration money to 40 accounts with 1500MT each?

Why shall I do that?

How can I bulk out who was who? I still don't apperceive what "farming" means, I don't apperceive how can I acreage MT by affairs cards with 1500 MT each.

Thanks in beforehand for your plan and affectionate help. Amuse don't just analysis the complete MT I spent. Amuse analysis how abundant I spent on anniversary card, alone to complete the collection."

So I got the endure response:

“I had forwarded your bulletin to the Development aggregation and acutely their attitude charcoal the aforementioned in commendations to your ban. Abominably we cannot adapt their accommodation nor accept the ban removed.

My affliction for any aggravation that may be experienced.”

Waited for added than 2 months, banned afterwards a solid reason. I was just crumbling my time there. Brainless 2K, why can't you just analysis the cards I bought, how can I do agriculture or alteration like that?

I don't apperceive what to do next.I'm done with 2K, they are stupid.