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    Mar-11-2018 16:15:20 PST
  • Benjamin

    cheap coins, like this site best.

    Feb-25-2018 16:33:02 PST
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2k has not put a skip advantage for cutscenes

Was accepted traveling to say what you were about to say. Out of every ps4 game, on average, humans absorb the a lot of on 2k. They absolution a new bold every year for $60, and for a lot of people, they absorb able-bodied over the bulk of the bold on VC to upgrade their myplayer(s).

We absorb so abundant money anniversary year yet they amusement us like dogs. They about never accept to feedback. We still accept problems now that still charge to be fixed. Why is that it has been a ages of humans accusatory about cutscenes, 5 updates have passed, and 2k hasn't put a skip advantage for cutscenes.

We don't accuse just to complain. For me, personally, I get Maddened every time some BS appear to me if I play this game, just because I spent a lot of money on it.

I ambition to accept fun amphitheatre this game, but it seems like I get balked every time I play playground. The bold in actuality feels unfinished. Casual is abhorrent in this game. The bulk of turnovers you get on boilerplate has added from last year.

It's too simple to lose the ball, abnormally if it gets anesthetized to you, and to add alkali to the wound, if they annual from that about-face that's 1-2 grades becuause your assistant anesthetized to you in traffic. They told us that animations this year were traveling to be better, but what I am seeing in amphitheater is humans ablution actual atrociously (Usually the ones breadth you kinda accelerate or teleport), and those blazon of animations bandy me off guard.

I candidly don't apprehend 2k18 to accept a complete simulation of complete activity basketball, but these BS animations accept been in the bold for months. ESPECIALLY PASSING. THEY NEED TO FIX PASSING.

Sure, the OP can sit about and anticipate the bold is "fine"; he bought the bold and can say what he wants to, but I'm not just traveling to sit actuality and let 2k finnesse us and get money by authoritative "major" improvements NEXT YEAR IN 2K19.

Our choir charge to be heard, and the louder we are as a association afresh the added acceptable that 2k will do something. They charge to set their priorities straight.

For me and it seems a lot of added people, it just seems crazy that 2k is so quick to breach the fastest agency to get VC, yet the capital online approach in Myteam has been torn for weeks. Their priorities as a developing aggregation just assume backwards. They already accomplish millions aloft millions every year and it seems like they don't affliction about the game's quality.

I anticipate the capital factor, though, is everybody anticipation it was gonna be better. This is my aboriginal year accepting in actuality a allotment of the community, and if the Live audience came out, everybody (including me) was cerebration 2k was affable up something amazing. Not to acknowledgment we anticipation they were gonna try to appear aback from the adversity that was 2k17.

Then we started accepting admonition about the game. First, the MyLeague/MyGM stuff, which humans got in actuality aflame about. Afresh we got myteam stuff. There was some amazing accepting in there. A Live auction, a abstract mode, and belted online play. By this time, humans were accepting even added aflame for the mycareer/mypark/pro-am stuff.

People were apperception everything, wether the esplanade was gonna be there, either thy were gonna abstracted offline and online. Accepting like that. Afresh August 31st came. Influencers got the accomplished bold for a few hours. they were in actuality taken around "the neighbourhood". Humans anticipation this was traveling to be the best 2k ever. The Prelude came and people's action rose to addition level.

Then the bold came out. Humans started grinding. Humans accomplished they didn't get their custom shoes. There was a accomplished abortion with MyTeam Cards. Things that acclimated to be free? VC. Charge a way to bullwork badges? No added amateur difficulty. But hey, there's a neighbourhood!

Want to download abstract classes into MyGM? Nope. Abundantly harder to acquire VC too. Whenever a VC annihilate alike it got patched appropriate away. In MyTeam, the capital online approach is a bacon capped mode. If players get acclimated added online, their salary goes up.

Used less, bacon goes down. Anyway, if new cards get released, their bacon is the absence for their overall, which is MUCH beneath than what it caps at. As you ability be able to tell, that's a huge allurement to buy packs. With VC.

Which you Buy NBA 2K18 MT. The bold just feels like it's banishment you to buy currency.

These are Free-to-play MMO approach in a $60 USD game. Affairs in actuality corrective items for Coins bought with complete money, a massive bullwork to get acceptable stats (or you could buy the VC), an amphitheatre breadth you can GAMBLE for pete's sake. It just feels wierd. At atomic there's no DLC though?

TL;DR humans anticipation it was gonna be abundant to draft Live out of the water.