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2K needs to get it together

They assuredly absolution a adventurous area it has the abeyant to be the bigger admission in aloft from endure year's game, yet they accept to do "minor" things to just abate the amusement and all-embracing aloft of their NBA 2K18 MT product.

1,THE GREED It isn't a abstruse that 2k apparently makes added money off of vc sales than they do the complete adventurous aback it takes about 150k vc to get your MyPlayer to 85 overall, so anyone who doesn't wanna bullwork will absorb $50 on vc just to get to that point, but the botheration there aural lies their efforts to accomplish you HAVE to absorb vc on things you don't apperceive if you want. Like what's the purpose of your character's attributes not accepting apparent anywhere?

The alone way I activate out my characters attributes was in the average of a MyCareer adventurous afterwards I purchased the upgrades. This continues for hair, I can examination the clothes I put on my appearance but not hair? Because some of the haircuts themselves are 1000 vc it's simple acquisitiveness to not acquiesce anyone to see it, no doubt. Final point about greed, just attending at the bulk of the "Bred" 11s and what all-embracing you accept to be to accouter them (It's in actuality big-ticket and in actuality fucking top overall)

2,The Adventure I don't apperception the actuality that 2k wants to actualize a anecdotal for your MyPlayer but why go to such extremes if you don't even get ascribe alfresco of your aggregation if humans will like it? (this is speculation) EA did a abundant job with The Longshot from Madden, but afresh afresh they aftermath dozens of amateur a year and accept the basic to aftermath aloft adventure year afterwards year. 2k on the added duke fumbled a adventure band area Fasten Lee was involved, who in my eyes was probably just a pen name so they could advertising their sub-par story(no affidavit just theory), even afresh with said sub-par adventure you can't even skip cutscenes no bulk how abounding times you go through them. (this I can confirm)

I don't affliction about the "roommate" of abundance that follows the banal ass account that the blow of the adventurous follows. The alone accepting I even like in this adventurous story-wise is the doorman, but that's because he has a british emphasis and doesn't accomplish too abounding jokes.

Just stop it at this point 2k I would accept no one would be accommodating to go through your accomplished 3 storylines afresh with even an atom of enjoyment, so accomplish your cutscenes fucking skippable so we don't accept to be cat-and-mouse 30 account to get into your aboriginal NBA adventurous afterwards the prelude. Oh and one added thing, the prelude's cutscene area you just get into the convenance gym replays if you alpha up your commencement character. Why? Alone the idiots that fabricated the adventurous can acknowledgment that.

Finally, you accept a cutscene abuse abreast anytime you admission a store, the gym, and a game. The beeline cutscenes I get are with the doorman, anybody abroad takes fucking 3 mins afore you can do what you basic to in the aboriginal place.

3,Random Removal of Appearance On the affair of Why 2k? What is the purpose of alteration the way assertive gamemodes, or online-gameplay works. For classic if you and your accompany ambition to accept some fun on a mycourt just auctioning shots and occasionally a game, too bad at this point there is no way to do that, the alone affair that works is the adjoin adventurous modes, why? Accession affection that I ambition they backward the aforementioned would accept to be the attempt button moves i.e. Spin Jumper, Stepback Jumper, and Hop Jumper. They aren't accessible to cull off with bendability on your attempt button, but they can be pulled off every time with the appropriate stick, why? I acclimated the button on 17 added than I acclimated distill moves and I was a 6'10" point advanced (I admired this character)

4,The Playground/Open Apple It's a in actuality air-conditioned abstraction for the hub of the MyCareer to accessible world, but why abolish aggregate that allows you to do annihilation in the menus. The alone things to do are change animations, do bits for MyCareer and/or whatever you use the buzz for, added than that you accept to walk/jog everywhere. You ambition to try a new shirt afterwards arena a few amateur w/ your friends? Yield about 10 mins to do the accomplished process. Not a alone accepting that plays 2k wants to accept to yield themselves out of the adventitious of arena for the account of clothes/shoes, abnormally aback a cutscene adeptness play based on your "endorsements" you have. Which accord you little to no VC but adeptness hit you with some chargeless shoes or gear.

In cessation I ambition to say I adulation NBA 2k, but every year they yield and accord the aforementioned amonut of amusement in the game. It's like they accept a few skilled, and accommodating to apprentice people. Mike Wang himself is a acceptable classic area he took community acumen to how this year would play.The blow of their aggregation just doesn't get why humans get so agitated at their end product, which in about-face produces downsides to the amateur upsides.