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Based on some ideal notion of NBA Live Mobile Coins

I think OP's post isn't that great because it really misconstrues the argument of their opponents and simplifies things based on some ideal notion of NBA Live Mobile Coins.

The argument by those that don't like tanking isn't that tanking can't work, although it usually doesn't really work due to the nature of the league; it is that it should be disincentivized so other means of building a team that don't involve intentional losing can help a team go from the bottom to the top.

The fact is, you don't need high picks to get better. Many teams that get better either don't have high picks or get better on the backs of players acquired in different manners.

Imagine if mediocre teams could be rewarded with a top pick. Then bad teams could use cap space they have gained from not having to pay superstars to attract solid FAs and start building a solid team that can reach mediocrity (bubble playoff team status). Bad teams could still get that top pick, but it would just be nice if they could make some positive moves without being punished by the draft lottery.

OP also makes the incorrect assumption that all that matters is the outcome of playoff series and the interest of casual fans. It is the diehards that actually watch the regular season that are hurt by tanking. If bad teams still competed for FAs, then they would be more competitive in the regular season. If they tried the last two months of the regular season, that would be huge. The tanking is so bad right now that playoff races are being decided by whichever team was luckiest to face the most tanking teams after the ASB. Elite teams would still be dominant sometimes, but would have a harder time if they couldn't monopolize good FAs and if bad teams still competed the whole season.

Also, variance is already being introduced in the increased reliance on the three point shot. League is never going to have NFL-style parity, but the league absolutely an have more parity than it has had in the past due to the increased variance that comes with a soaring 3PAr. This reliance on a shot created by ball movement disproportionately also means starless teams have more hope of winning games.

I think its been worse in the last 5-10 years than the previous 20 because of the max contract. Get rid of the max, and allow players like Lebron and KD to sign for all the cap space possible and you won't see super teams anymore. the Heat don't happen if LeBron and Wade could have signed for market rates.

You will see the same thing in the NBA. Like the NFL only has a small handful of T1 quarterbacks, there are only a small handful of true superstars. But with 32 teams, everyone is going to have to put their money on someone, so you see the Kirk Cousins and the Ryan Tannehills of the league get massive pay raises. Worse than that, if a player on one of these over inflated deals ends up under performing that contract it'd be a one stop shop to the basement of the league for the remainder of the deal.