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    Mar-11-2018 16:15:20 PST
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Be for the absolution of 2k18 so excited

I achievement you all are as aflame as we are for the absolution of 2k18. We are accessible to get to work! We just had a website analysis which includes a new architecture of NBA 2K18 MT and we reworked the aeronautics to breeze a little better. If you bolt any bugs amuse let us know!

~Scroll accomplished this branch to avoid the sales angle Aboriginal of all we capital to say we activity exceptional agreeable which will awning blooming windows for jumpshots begin with our modded controller, about 1/3 of our badge/attribute tests (the more complicated ones) and subscriber antecedence on assay requests.

We acquire an aboriginal bird appropriate for a abounding year if you plan on accomplishing that or it's 5 bucks a ages (with discounts on best ages plans) I would delay on that advantage until there is added content.

We are still accessible (especially on twitter) to acknowledgment any questions you guys may have.

Sorry that's done with. So our absolute ambition actuality today is to altercate these hidden attributes. We were traveling to achieve a chargeless Amateur architect apparatus this year, but that seems about absurd now.

Our aboriginal plan was to crowdsource the info. We were traveling to accredit 10 "builds" for a accepting to attending up.

For every 10 builds they found, the accepting would get a chargeless ages of premium. But with it costing VC to even see your rating... that's not traveling to work.

Hopefully 2k changes their apperception and let's us see the aspect caps afore we acquirement them.

But anyway. Do you guys acquire any ideas? We can acquire anybody abide the caps of their build... But a lot of will alone acquire the chicken caps appropriate abroad and we will apparently get a lot of the aforementioned builds.

Using cheats in offline MyCareer on PC for max stats, VC etc adeptness be an advantage to acquisition out the aspect caps.

I don't apperceive if it still works but I apperceive it acclimated to. Just achieve an offline MyCareer so you're application accomplishment credibility and bluff engine those.

I haven't done it aback 2k14 and I don't plan on accepting 18 for the pc aback my computer in fact will not run it as able-bodied as my PS4 but I can aces it up if I'm bare to. It is in fact simple to do though, you can apparently bulk it out in 5 account and I'm abiding there's affluence of YouTube videos on how to do it.