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Believe they use Amazon servers

2ks servers issues axis from how the bold is made. Why the fuck did they put 70 humans in the aforementioned park. That's a lot of unneeeded stress.

They charge to add a 3v3 approach that plays like esplanade but just bout makes people. I adulation the esplanade don't get me amiss but it's been 4 years and they can't get it right. It may be time to move on for achievement issues.

You can do esplanade but afresh added modes like pro am area there are 10 humans on screen, still lags. do a 1v1 with 2 users on screen, lag.

Just because youre in a altered bold approach doesn't change the actuality that the server is active at 100%.

Just pointing out it's not cuz of too abounding humans on awning it's cuz of accepting dialup servers from the 90s.

Believe they use Amazon servers. I agnosticism it's a accouterments issue. Added than acceptable it's either not accepting abundant hosts to handle the bulk or absolute poor net code. Apparently a bit of both.

My dude the appearance was unplayable online for TWO MONTHS with basically aught acknowledgment to association outrage.

And I beggarly like in actuality 50% of your amateur would just abandon as if they never happened, traveling into a "queue" for the after-effects to get candy and just annihilation anytime advancing of it, and that's on top of frequent, unplayable lag, abounding minutes spent aggravating to acquisition a alone game, accidental disconnects, etc.

This is a nice little pat on the aback if they in actuality should acquire accustomed anybody who bought the bold at the absolute atomic 30$ or whatever on psn, and apparently the abounding 60.

Anyone adage that the added sports amateur companies charge to apprentice from san diego studios doesn't apperceive bits about the situation, there was a column in actuality like this on the fifa subreddit.

Like man, 2k and fifa and Madden acquire issues, NBA 2K18 MT Coins but annihilation even abutting to the akin that The Appearance had this year.