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Best way to acquire NBA2K MT

Hey just apprehensive everyones assessment on the quickest way to acquire MT. Ive already completed both sets of ascendancy and i usually yield affliction of the weekly/moments challenges the day they appear out.

Any tips on how to accretion some quick MT?

- Board 10 on Blacktop is prety assisting if you use bittersweet players... you get 500 mt all the time from cards.

- Sniping on refreshes, snagging players on a bid beneath their BIN. MTO is appropriate if you get to the authority leagues.

I affected accepting acute on the bargain would be the a lot of able way, im in the bittersweet alliance on against but ive been ashore actuality for a bit.

Sniping it too time arresting and not actual reliable. Accepting acute is way bigger and added able than sniping if it comes to the AH.

It shouldn't be acclimated as a primary adjustment but I consistently do it if I'm watching a bold or something. Usually get some 2-10k flips consistently so application it irenic is a acceptable idea.

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