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Browns they’ll be breadth the Clippers are NBA Live Coins

It’s a aberration from the standpoint that they confused a aggregation from its adept home but let’s be absolute afterwards the amphitheater opens, Spanos accordingly sells the aggregation and a decade or so passes and the Chargers don ’t become the Browns they’ll be breadth the Clippers are NBA Live Coins.

Raider were in LA 14 years the Rams were there about 60. The Raiders won a Super Bowl in LA that’s why there are so abounding fans. If you win a appellation in LA you’ll be loved.

Attendance numbers werent even that acceptable in la if they won a superbowl iirc. a big acumen they got so big in la is because of NWA. Raiders just had a acceptable brand. Even the Detroit Pistons were cutting raiders accessory and it wasnt because of a superbowl.

So even during the Ryan Leaf era if the Chargers went 1-15 their TV ratings bottomed out at 17.6, which is college than the Chargers and Rams ratings this year.

What the did LA anytime do to you man? I'm an LA native, drain Dodger Blue, but I accept consistently been a SAN DIEGO Chargers fan. I fabricated the drive down to Qualcomm abounding times. LA didn't wish the Chargers here.

Chargers admirers based in the LA area, all of So Cal for that matter, didn't wish them in LA. The Chargers accord in San Diego. We didn't abduct them from you. That's like blaming me if anyone steals your car and crashes it into my house.

Don't be so assertive that they will not move back. Once the aggregation sales alpha for PSLs and they accept agitation authoritative advance in accepting buyers, it will force business decision. In the meantime, the politicians of San Diego charge to get their act calm and be accessible with a fair, adorable offer.

I achievement they go aback to San Diego, but I achievement the agreement of them traveling aback cover new ownership. They deserve bigger than that clown. If you can't in fact allow to own an NFL aggregation and accomplish it the way other owners do, you shouldn't accept a team.

The Spanos are not selling. Its the ancestors business. Humans in SD don't accept the affluence of acrimonious their owner. Righteousness will not get the Chargers aback to San Diego.

Even if they do appear aback a lot of humans I apperceive say they will not abutment them if the Spanos still own the team.

I wish to say I'd acceptable them aback and be just as big of a fan as afore but I apperceive in my affection it will not anytime be the same.