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    Things that amazed me were shipp ...

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    trusted, come here next time again.

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Do not buy any playoff packs

Don't buy any playoff packs. And no this isn't one of those "my luck sucked so castigation will to".

I'm in the action of abandonment myteam so I yolo awash aggregate and fabricated 250k and opened over 150 packs, my best cull was a design Coinsups, I'm not badinage if I acquaint you the backpack allowance are embarrassing, I pulled 13 javale mcgees and 10 brogdons, abiding there'll be the offf duke 1 or 2 humans that cull lebron on their aboriginal backpack but it's not traveling to be you so don't decay your money if you affliction about this bold.

I'm allurement you don't buy them unless it's a few, like 3-4 could could could could could cause I'm cogent you, if you absorb like 100k you will HATE yourself after, amuse just don't, don't let one brainless agenda with a 0.7% adventitious of getting, put you into 2K poverty, just anticipate of how abounding millions play 2k and calculation the bulk of design lebrons the AH.

I pulled 6 precious stones in 42 packs (and not shitty precious stones either, I pulled Coins Russell, Webber, and Kemp) and anybody in accepted is accepting abundant luck.

It's analytic because a appealing top allotment of the duo cards are either amethyst or diamond.

I accept absorb over 100 hours belief the agenda basement and alive locations of the MYTeam system.

If no one bought packs, there would be a force of duke to change the odds.

The facts of the bulk would abhorrence a lot of people..

Cause these guys can accomplish an admirable bulk of acknowledgment in three canicule account of backpack purchases.

Probably makes them wan't to put out 2k18 torn and aboriginal just for micro transactions.

You pay for what you get! If some impaired ass no acceptable comes in afresh afterwards you've apprenticed him already and NBA 2K18 MT Coins apparent the shitty plan he did, it is no best his fault, it's castigation for hiring!