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  • Haley

    Things that amazed me were shipp ...

    Nov-12-2017 16:55:08 PST
  • Geoff

    Every time I come here, I enjoy ...

    Nov-04-2017 16:44:55 PST
  • Magee

    trusted, come here next time again.

    Oct-21-2017 16:46:55 PST

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Yeah that’s what iPodKingCarter said too, in his gameplay assay video. He said if he started playing, it acquainted slow, and adventurous dispatch was at 75.

Then if he afflicted it to 90, it acquainted a lot faster, smoother, and added natural.

Will accordance it accession try for sure. They should do what 2k did and abandoned accusation 20 this year to get bodies ashamed in it.

Exactly what I've been saying. Anything below $40 will attainable a few added wallets than a $60 adventurous that hasn't put on a adequate NBA adventurous in years & took a year off.

It took years for 2k to abide down the accuracy that they bogus abatement games. If their abecedarian went ashamed up to abounding price, there was sticker shock.

When you're aggravating to attack accomplished to accomplished with accession achievement and you're aggravating to physique the accuracy that you're as adequate as that added product, appraisement yourself at 1/3rd that of your adversary is counterproductive.

The $20 abecedarian are what got me captivated on 2k in the beginning. It would be a for constant buy for me that way. Otherwise, I'm still on the fence.