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Gambler take on Mike Enos in NBA Live Coins

The biggest offense to me was changing WCW Saturday Night into a recap show. How the hell am I supposed to get through the week without seeing The Gambler take on Mike Enos in NBA Live Coins?

That logo was so good, that WCW ran an ad on a newspaper saying that their logo was like something that bird would have pooped.

Man, the Attitude Era is barely a year old at the time and from reading this it already sounds like WCW was dead and buried, not still gonna hang on for two more years.

The day of the show, someone was showing it to Kevin when he showed up and explained why they had to change it and he said "why would you have put world champion? I was never a world champion."

They also had me schedule an in-store signing. Day of the signing and Kevin didn't show. It was just three or four of their guys who were absolutely nobodies. Kevin knew nothing of the signing and was told to just show up the day of the show.

After I stopped sponsoring them, they had another show that the flyer had advertised as a main event with a steel cage match. On the day of the show, the announcer informed the crowd that they kept the cage at the owner's farm and they couldn't bring it because it was stuck in the mud. Surprisingly a lot of refunds were requested that night and their shows started dwindling in attendance.

The fact that McMahon was always open to looking like a fool almost every time when confronted by Austin is why later attempts to do a "rebellious employee vs. evil authority" angle have largely failed to have the same impact as Austin vs.