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Game 7s are no place for hope or NBA Live Mobile Coins

I was awestruck last night when Houston missed 27 straight threes, but hearing Reggie talk about how Houston was only going to continue to shoot threes or layups was bewildering. a team like that is predicated on volume, and in a game 7, "regression to the mean" is your worst enemy because it may not happen. a team that has no mid-range options is dead in the water when they go cold from deep, obviously, but they seemed to be hoping for the law of averages to win out. most any other game it might, but that's the beauty of NBA game 7s: they bring out the best and worst of teams, their brilliance and their faults. Houston went 7/44, Capela struggled to make his FTs, and there was no Chris Paul to make pull-up jumpers. next thing you know, the game is over. game 7s are no place for hope or NBA Live Mobile Coins.

I generally agree with you, but I also think that prioritizing the mid-range puts a ceiling on how good your team can be. I remember someone, probably Zach Lowe, pointing out a few years ago that the "take what the defense gives you" approach is generally favored by coaches who take over after the head coach is fired mid-season, because it is such a stabilizing force for a team.

What separates good teams like the Pacers from great teams like Houston and GS is the dedication to hunting out great shots rather than settling for good ones. As our team grows over the next few years, I hope our offense continues to evolve with it.

I don't have much to add about what approach is statistically preferable. I do know that I prefer to watch the Pacers style of basketball. Ultimately it's entertainment in the end so I selfishly hope they don't change too much.

I still think a mid range strategy is a viable one in today's NBA. Trends change and just because 3 point offense is very popular doesn't mean we have to listen to people who say mid range shots are worthless. We have extremely efficient mid-range shooters and we should utilize those skills to our advantage.

I really wanna see Myles shooting more mid-range jumpers next season, if I'm not mistaken someone posted earlier in the season that from mid-range he was one of, if not the most efficient mid-range shooter in the NBA. He just wasn't shooting from mid all that often.

He was a very effective shooter from that position. One of the most frustrating things to watch this season was a lack of giving Myles the ball on offense.

I think the Rockets have the ideal offense especially for their personnel and it’s a big part of why they won the most games in the league this year. They have a ton of talent and they maximize their chances with their shot selection. They missed more often than normal (something that happens from all distances with jump shots) in Game 7 and were missing a player that can make the game easier for everyone on the court.

Playing this way the Rockets trounced our Pacers and ended the season with the leagues best record. They also took the best team in the league to seven games and may very well won had CP3 not gotten injured.

Had the Chris Paul not been injured and they won and were in the finals with a great chance of being the NBA champion, do you even write this article?