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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
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    good seller, cheap price, thank ...

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Had abundant VC you could accomplish a new player

I currently accept a 88 all-embracing Center, but I wish to accomplish a SG. Even afterwards spending all the VC to get my guy to 85 overall, it'd be nice if the aspect unlocks that I had for my centermost retained with my added players.

How abroad is somebody declared to barometer at how accomplished somebody is (like REP in antecedent years) afterwards this addition? It deteriorates anybody abroad from creating a new amateur and starting over.

When I play by myself, I use my center. But if I play with my friends, one of them is already a centermost so I use my SG.

Wouldn't this move in actuality be assisting for 2k, as humans can actualize new players (and absorb VC) with the ability that they absorb those aspect unlocks?

But, I aswell like the abstraction of it absorption the complete character. It would be arresting to see some 90 something rando and aggregation up, abandoned to acquisition out it's a new body and the amateur isn't even in actuality acceptable with him. He's abandoned 90 because

he progressed some added amateur above-mentioned to this one.

I accept OP is suggesting that all of the unlocks (ex. bicycle, jumpshot creator, etc) should be transferred over with the conception of new players.

Sounds added like he wants the all-embracing to be accepted so if you got 90 on one appearance you should automatically alleviate the 90 caps for every appearance so you can bullwork to 90 or buy aggregate with VC.

That wouldn't accomplish any sense... you'd charge to be the all-embracing for those things anyway.

Op is adage the aspect cap breakers should be transferred so that if say you were a 91 and had abundant VC you could accomplish a new amateur and accomplish that body a 91 all-embracing appropriate away.

In to get to 99, afresh be ashore at the 85 cap if you wanna accomplish a new guy if unlocks are based on the overall. You still pay VC and it's not like you are just accustomed it.

Needs to be changed, I affirm 2k just did the atomic and waited to see what was complained about the a lot of and what was absent amidst the rest.

Perks are associated with overall. So if I'm a 99, every MC I accomplish thereafter should aswell be a 99?

Nah, this acclimation is bigger because it accurately measures how accomplished you are with your accepted build.

You adeptness be abundant with your centermost but are bits with your PG, it should appearance that NBA 2K18 MT.