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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
  • Basil

    good seller, cheap price, thank ...

    Mar-11-2018 16:15:20 PST
  • Benjamin

    cheap coins, like this site best.

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I accept no botheration with that

From 96 all-embracing on, you accept to bullwork badges to abide repping up...I accept never even accidentally taken a allegation in 2k16, 2k17, or 2k18. Not even during the one time I in actuality did the allegation agenda training lol.

Taking accuse was key to endlessly adumbrate axial passes in 2k16. Bodies would get so mad at me communicable them. Like dude, NBA 2K18 MT stop aggravating to turbo through the paint.

It's simple to get in bold if the CPU calls for a screen. Just go on the added ancillary of the awning and authority O. The brawl abettor will run appropriate appropriate into you.

I haven't approved in this game, but accuse were torn endure game. I'd set up for a allegation on a fast breach get bashed into and it was a blocking abhorrent and 1 everytime.

Idk about mycareer but in pro-am it definitley works. Its the abandoned way I can stop these 7'3 monsters.

I've gotten about 10 in Pro-Am as a SF/PF. Best affair to do is set up on the bend of a awning and a lot of of the time bodies can't authority their drive advancing off a screen.

I'm acquisitive to get to 85 by Christmas so maybe anyone will not get off the atom if i'm aggravating to play esplanade lol! 2k feels like a chore, I adulation basketball, but the bold isn't too fun, if not affairs VC in my opinion.

If bodies ambition to buy VC I accept no botheration with that, but achieve it easier for us to acquire in general, next they are gonna alpha charging hire for our PENTHOUSE!

Then for abiding I'm traveling to be done cuz we all apperceive that B and gonna be putting up her half.

Low 80s or top 70s accept been the best accidental esplanade mates for me so far... if I see a dude with 79OVR and a Gatorade t-shit I am allotment to him over a 92 OVR songoku every time!

If abandoned this was appropriate for pc q.q every 70-80 all-embracing in pc seems in actuality backward in 3's. In 2's they are good, but in 3's u usually get a backward ballhog with like 30-100 esplanade record.

Ofcourse there consistently some bodies who in actuality ambition to win and play as a teammate, but they usually just band up with anyone themselves, complete attenuate to acquisition a appropriate low all-embracing amateur on pc in 3's, acquiescently authentic aciculate and a centermost can win the bold 2v3.