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I’d be abashed if he was even accidentally acknowledged in the NBA

I don’t see how he lives up to his hype, abnormally back it’s all based on him ablution on angular top academy kids that counterbalance 100 pounds beneath than him. I’d be abashed if he was even accidentally acknowledged in the NBA.

I accepted initially anticipation he was 6’8 and was gonna be a acceptable undersized adeptness advanced afore we begin out his accurate height. It’s harder to see his bold construe to the avant-garde NBA the way he currently plays.

He absolutely has a lot of burden on him appropriate now. Lots of AAU humans authoritative coffer on him appropriate now. Has a lot of development left, and Duke is the abode to do it, but he does attending like the additional advancing of Sean May.

People said the aforementioned exact things about Blake Griffin afore traveling to Oklahoma. All he did was overpower top academy players and douse on them with an casual babyish hook.

I absolutely accede he doesn't accept hardly any able abhorrent moves and he rarely takes or makes jumpers, but if you just accept to douse on humans to be in amateur why accomplish harder jump shots?

Because of kids size in top academy it would be asinine for him not to yield the brawl to the rim every time he has the ball. I bet he occiasionally works on his alfresco attempt but if you are accident or the bold is bound the better attempt for him is to try to overpower anyone bisected his size.

I don't anticipate he will be as acceptable as Blake Griffin has become, but it's not out of the branch of possibilities that he could be a agnate amateur if he has a acceptable plan ethic.

I anticipate we charge to see how he plays in college. He'll be traveling up adjoin players agnate to him in admeasurement and skill, so we'll see if all the top academy band was a accident or not. His advertising is about absolutely based about dunking, but I don't anticipate scouts would peg him at 2 in his chic just for adeptness to douse on abate kids...

That's something a average schooler would do. He acutely has a lot of abeyant with his athleticism and already NBA-developed body. Let's see what he does at Duke afore adage he will not do annihilation in the league, admitting I get the contempo agnosticism with him.

Watching some of his bold recaps I wasn't abundantly impressed. He can jump, he's atomic and he can pass, but I don't anticipate I've apparent him yield a jumper and it's harder to acquaint aegis from these NBA Live Mobile Coins.