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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
  • Basil

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    Mar-11-2018 16:15:20 PST
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I'm also old enough to have played NBA Live

I understand where you're coming. I'm also old enough to have played NBA Live back in the day on Super Nintendo. When I picked up NBA Live18 for the first time ever, I was blown away.

To be honest, the all star weekend mode in NBA Live back in the day was amazing and arguably is what gave Live the edge over NBA Live, so much has changed since then.

I’m talking about the one where you have to learn different combos and stuff to create a Dunk, like throwing it off the backboard into a 360 Statue of NBA Live Mobile Coins.

I agree with a lot of what you said. It's incredible how much these games have evolved over the years. However, I'm going to respectfully take issue with your comment about microtransactions. These companies do not need microtransactions to stay in business. The videogame industry has always been profitable.

Microtransactions are popular among game makers because it's essentially free money. I would caution anyone to not overlook the impact that type of corporate greed can have on otherwise well designed games.

Your opinion is valid but seeing DLC and in app purchases have taken a huge hold on the gaming industry and offers players an edge if they wanna take it to circumvent grinding and such I don’t agree but I know it’s the reality however much it may suck this is the unfortunate future for gaming.

They've taken ahold because gamers are allowing this behavior to become normalized. Accepting that every game could possibly have a free-to-play model for a $60 game is a path to gaming hell.

It's sad but yea lol just keep it to yourself if anything it's just kids that's mad they can't hit 100% from deep or dribble like they're in a and-1 tourney lol.