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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
  • Basil

    good seller, cheap price, thank ...

    Mar-11-2018 16:15:20 PST
  • Benjamin

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I'm aptitude appear accepting the game

Hall of Fame absolutely skews the sliders and AI just makes crazy shots all the time.

2k is the bigger game, gameplay is abundant bigger but its riddled with micro affairs and a abhorrent mycareer grind.

Didnt accept those problems endure year. Defence this year is appealing bad, attackers absolutely calmly can run accomplished you and generally douse it in and contested attempt go actual generally in NBA Live Mobile Coins.

PnR AI defence is a bit bigger this year, but I appealing abundant alone use it in mycareer and dont accept abundant problems. Didnt accept any problems endure year tho.

VC can be acclimated but not all-important but it has an awful, scripted adventure in the aboriginal year which added or beneath charcoal the mode.

Defending is easier than ever, you just accept to aces the appropriate players, if the guy you use is abundant and has a top backbone appraisement the draft by action will not appear unless it is anyone abundant faster.

I switched from NBA Live as my capital bold aforementioned as you about three years back. Basketball was my admired action as able-bodied but NBA Live was just a bits amount of buzz for years, afore the randomness started ruining it.

Yea, microtransaction aspect with 2k is bad, but not as bad as NBA Live. I don’t anticipate you can absolutely accomplish a allegory in 2k with cards like toty Ronaldo, but you shouldn’t be spending as much I’ve torn assorted controllers arena NBA Live from the affidavit you mentioned, but you won’t run into those situations with 2k. Sure, the bold engine isn’t perfect, but it’s rarely torn to the point where it decides matches.

I adore the bold if play MyCareers online modes with accompany (like Pro Clubs) but head-to-head is blight (FUT, online seasons), I just abhorrence it unless youre arena adjoin accompany and its not a cheese fest.

I beggarly if I were to get the bold I'm not arena online anytime soon, I was absolutely acceptable adjoin the AI on 2k16 and afore that, but online never bent my eye... I got into NBA Live online afterwards years of training, and even again it took me a brace of years to "git gud", abominably now NBA Live is just about who spends the a lot of money, added than that it's not that toxic, I've even fabricated some accompany forth the way.

I'm aptitude appear accepting the game, if you say arena the AI is fun, that's all I absolutely need. I just wish to play with my spurs.