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I was completely off the rails and NBA Live Mobile Coins

I’d never met Vince McMahon until I came to work here. The day that I signed my contract, I passed out in his office. Talking to him, I passed out on drugs in his office. I don’t remember that and he’s never told me, but other people have that were there. He’s never once brought that up to me. I came to work here in 1998 and I was a complete physical wreck. I was completely off the rails and NBA Live Mobile Coins.

He tried to do everything he possibly could for me while I was here. I think I’m the only person that nearly fell over— well, I did fall over. I’m not really sure but definitely slurred his words and nearly blacked out on live TV because I was so messed up. Vince McMahon had no reason to do what he did for me as far as getting me the help I needed. He got me the help, got me the best help that I could have possibly been given, and paid for it all.

The only reason why I was let go was after 10 weeks in rehab, I got out one day and went and got messed up again. And when I came back, I knew it was gonna happen. That was actually what turned my life around because I just came out of that. I woked up in a hospital with tubes coming all out of me and I thought "This is just ridiculous. I’ve had enough of this". And that was the day I stopped making excuses.

And that’s the only way that you will ever clean your life up. If you blame anybody for anything, you’re going to constantly mess up in your life. That’s why I’m not a religious man, I’m not anything else because don’t put your faith in other things. As far as getting clean and sober, you have to put it in yourself and stop blaming other people. And that’s what I did.

But the call came a couple of days after that. "I’m sorry. We’re going to have to let you go. But you are welcomed back here any time once you sought your life out". I cleaned my life from that point onwards, which was March of 1999 and it stayed that since by not making excuses over anything.

I hate to say it, but a lot of these places will give you nothing but excuses as to why you stay the way you do. ‘Well, your mom was this,’ or ‘Your dad was an alcoholic.’ It’s nonsense. You just have to take responsibility for yourself. I don’t care what you grew up with.

It’s like when I came to the WWF the first time. I got let go from WCW because I was a mess and they should’ve let me go a long time before they did. I’m not under any illusions; I don’t blame anyone.

I came out and, straight away within a few weeks, I got a call from Eric Bischoff. ‘I heard you’ve straightened yourself out. Do you want a job back here?’ So, I had a lot of chances because I put a lot of work in before. People knew I’d been through a bit of something.