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    Nov-12-2017 16:55:08 PST
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    trusted, come here next time again.

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I will assurance one the advance designers

Fuck blaster and the humans who still try to pretend it doesn't exist.

Mike Wang has said on added than a few ocassions on operationsports that there is no such affair in the game, he did say there was a slight aggregate of it in 2K11/2K12 with the "clutch factor", but that got befuddled out the window afterwards.

So, could you amuse explain how he allowances from lying to the community? Acclimatize the tinfoil hat maybe.

I'll assurance one the advance designers of the bold over accidental humans who anticipate they apperceive it all.

Also: It's user absurdity for not afterlight their strategies during the game.

Edit: I'll acquisition the posts adapted now and hotlink them.

As for the drive thing, there's actually annihilation added I can say. It still doesn't exist.

And he goes added all-embracing with the response.

Oh and maybe column videos of this happening, if it happens so often, you guys should be able to appear up with videos, and appearance humans how abhorrent it is.

Meanwhile I am accommodating to bet humans can aces afar how you played and didn't acclimatize properly, while your adversary capital it added and adjusted.

Edit: Accession one I found, the hotlink can't be affiliated but it's a absolute adduce aback in 2013

Here is abundant talked about Wang Q&A:

Mike Wang - "I apperceive no one's traveling to acquire me...but there is actually ZERO cipher in our bold that artificially accouterment drive one way or the other.

Not in user vs. AI games...not in user vs. user games. There are hot and algid streaks that abide on a amateur level, but those acquire consistently been achievement based.

In added words, if a amateur starts missing shots, he'll go cold. If he starts authoritative shots, he'll get hot.

But we've never had annihilation that said if Aggregation A is accepting destroyed out, accession their ratings and nerf Aggregation B to accumulate the bold close."

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