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Ideas for accretion Archetypes

I anticipate they should stick with the 2K MT Coins accepted classic arrangement with tweaked aspect caps based on height/weight.

Currently you can get 5 badges per chic from brownish to HoF. Every added cast can be becoming by any archetype, position.

First, I anticipate they should accessible up those badges to be upgraded from brownish to gold BUT:

1,There should be a minimum aspect claim for anniversary non-HOF badge. One that relates to what the cast does. So like playmaker PG and SG wouldn't accept abundant backbone to get brick wall. Maybe brownish but.

2,There should be tiered requirements for anniversary akin of non-HoF badge. (Example: Charge 60 backbone for brick bank bronze, 75 for silver, 90 for gold, etc).

3,And afresh added acclimatize it based on height/weight/archetype. Alpine and abundant amplitude bigs wouldn't be able to get the aforementioned badges as beneath and lighter ones. And carnality versa.

If they fabricated it like this they would accept to in actuality tune the aspect caps for altered heights/weights/archetypes.

So that a 6'7 Lockdown Defender doesn't end up essentially bigger than a 6'6 LDD because of a few raises in aspect caps that after-effects in abounding added badges.

And afresh already there is the adeptness to accept altered combinations of altered tiered badges, in my assessment all they would accept to do is add added archetypes. Actuality are two I anticipation of:

3 and D wing: SG/SF class. Analyzer is abundant at shooting. LDD is abundant at defense. This chic would be medium-good at shooting.

Medium-good defense. Appropriate athleticism. Bad playmaking. Anticipate Klay Thompson/Danny Green/Tony Snell.

Playmaking big: PF/C class. Top playmaking. Medium-good column moves. Not abundant else. Anticipate Boris Diaw/Pau Gasol.

What does anybody anticipate of these ideas? Any added archetypes you can anticipate of? Would in actuality acknowledge any feedback.

Not bifold archetypes. Aforementioned classic system, just added badges at altered tiers.

6'3 Slasher guard? They would apparently get posterizer as a HoF cast no? Even if not, a slasher bouncer should accept a top abundant active douse cap to get the posterizer cast to Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins in this proposed system.