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Into the evil boss' office and NBA Live Mobile Coins

And playing the role of Shawn Michaels in the screw job re-enactment? Raven. This leads to Jesse storming into the evil boss' office and NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Just watched the Screwjob Scene and it’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever watched. Like I mean quality and production and action is shitty, but the whole scene evolves around Jesse breaking character as the announcer because he suspects what’s coming and then him knocking down the promoters door and killing him?

It's been fascinating seeing just how early Meltzer was calling the collapse of WCW. He really saw the writing on the wall, even when the company was nearing the end of its ridiculous boom period.

Calling the company doomed when Russo was running wild and David Arquette was the world champion is one thing, but Dave was saying 'these guys could be in real trouble soon' in late '98/early '99.

I think anyone with a business background could see that. They were really structurally faulty, they didn't have a good corporate structure, their merchandising was third rate and they were pushing themselves into a corner.

These next couple of issues are going to be tough to get through because in the back of my mind I know we are fast approaching Owen Hart's death.

The acting is terrible, the dialogue is worse, the combat scenes are all awful. It's just a straight terrible film. Episode I is at least a fast paced movie with solid acting from Neeson and McGregor. The plot is dull and JarJar is obnoxious but except for the much maligned political stuff in the middle of the film there's always some action happening.

Exactly, and Darth Maul is one of the most badass Siths, ever. People shit on Episode I, because of Jar Jar, which is a very reductionist way of looking at things. There are plenty of dumb, overly cutesy creatures shoe-horned into virtually every Star Wars movie. It's simply part-and-parcel to that universe.

JarJar aside, the decision to make Anakin literal Jedi Jesus was a bit much. Midichlorians being brought up as an attempt to explain and quantify the Force as if this was fucking Dragonball was a massive writing blunder. Watto being a Jewish caricature, the Neimodians being Asian caricature was just lazy and bad. C-3PO being built IN A HUT FROM A BOX OF SCRAPS was stupid.

It's ultimately a boring plot to base your film around. There were better ways to introduce Anakin, Palpatine and Obi-Wan to the audience.

This is all because of the rushed writing and George's scrambling to find a director before ultimately resigning himself to doing it. Episode 1 was a fucking mess. But it was a fast paced, fun mess. Like a Fast and the Furious movie.

Also, while I'm at it, we don't need a fucking Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. I love the character, don't get me wrong. Jedi Dad is cool and all. But he was one of the leads in 3 films, a supporting character in 3 others, plus a lead in a TV show. We've seen everything we possibly could from Obi-Wan.