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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
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It was so abundant smoother on NBA Live Mobile Coins

But 30fps is SO bad for NBA. I’m torn. I’m with you on aggregate you said. But I went aback and alternating endure anniversary during NBA on TNT and it was so abundant smoother on NBA Live Mobile Coins.

30 fps basketball is like a connected stutter. If they action 60 fps on all channels I'll accede switching but both casework will be the aforementioned amount by that time.

I just went through a ages continued balloon amid YouTube TV and PSVUE, which I accept had for over a year. It was like Psvue was aggravating to get me to cancel. Had a few DVR shows area the amiss appearance was recorded.

Another area the DVR recording kept skipping. On top of that they still accept not adapted the PSVUE Android app to use the latest Bluetooth tech, so Bluetooth speakers are a few abnormal out of synch. I officially canceled PSVUE endure night, but I will be accessible to advancing aback if the issues get fixed. But it seems like Sony had chock-full developing Vue while their competitors are casual them by.

Sports are my better affair so I had to accomplish abiding that starting a bold in advance wouldn't be a problem. Did it with a academy BB bold on Saturday with no problem...just aerial the tv to accomplish abiding I didn't hear spoilers, clicked the down button and anon clicked alpha from beginning. Went beeline to the alpha with no problems.

I alone bethink already accepting a botheration watching a recorded appearance while it was airing with Vue. Also, if I bang a recorded appearance in action it consistently asks if I wish to watch reside or from the beginning. Is it certain shows/ types of shows that this is accident on?

I did acquaintance these aforementioned Vue problems at one time, but there was an amend afresh (a few months ago?) that anchored them all.

Extra time is automatically added to reside sports and if I bang into an in-progress recording I am consistently prompted to either 'Watch live' or 'Start from the beginning' and accept no problems from there.

The one affair that was still afflictive me was that watching an in-progress recording would generally abort if the reside accident finished.

You'd end up in some awe-inspiring limbo area you couldn't abide to watch the affairs because it wasn't in 'chasing-playback' approach any more, but, the recording hadn't been committed on their servers or something so you couldn't watch it as a recorded affairs either.

Happily, that seems to accept been adapted as well. So, I can't absolutely accede with the "PS Vue accept become lazy' ascertainment because I accept apparent audible advance in an already acceptable service.