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Masai's got the ear of every African player in the NBA

Masai worked very hard to plan it out like that. Why pull the rip cord now? People don't love Lowry and DeRozan nearly as much as we do. There's no way we'll recoup our losses by trading them. We'll be a worse team if we break it up. And idk how long you've followed the team but I'll take 2nd round exit over people in the ACC cheering Jeremy Lin hitting the game winning shot AGAINST the NBA Live Coins.

In 2 years, we can say goodbye to Lowry and DeRozan, or make them bench options and try to get better players. In the meantime, enjoy 55-60 wins, watching Casey win coty, watching DeMar and Kyle become top 100 and 150 scorers of all time, respectively.

Don’t kid yourself fam if the Raptors stand pat with Casey, Lowry & Demar it’s because they are raking in the dough and they aren’t getting anything good back for any of them in trades.

Masai is waiting for Giannis to ask for a trade as I think he’s the only player he’d realistically go all-in for that MAY become available.

Trade them away, there's no way we'll recoup that kind of talent, and we won't be raking in cash. Wins are good for business, and it's good for the fanbase as well. I'd rather deal with playoff disappointment than just plain old disappointment.

That's an awesome scenario. Masai's got the ear of every African player in the NBA, including Joel Embiid...although they're set up too good, I don't see them falling apart soon, so of course he's waiting to cash in chips on at least some of them.

We can't draft the high end guys if we're a 50+ win team every year. Picking in the mid to late 20s. Only way to get them is via trade. Now is good time to trade centered around DeMar.

We can also tank for good draft picks in 2 years. If OG and the other guys become too good by then, then they're trade assets for high picks. This whole thing can be taken down for draft picks, Sam Hinkie has taught us that.

Here’s the thing, the east is clearly getting pretty decent right now. The Celtics next year are going to be a much more talented team than this year. Philly is turning a corner and has tons of upside. The Bucks are likely getting a solid coach. The Pacers look pretty legit.

Then you have teams like the Bulls and Knicks who with the addition of another lottery player look to be pretty decent.

If LeBron stays, that’s a much different conference than what the raptors faced this season. Assuming you’ll continue to win 50+ games with this roster might be totally fair, but I don’t think it’s a guarantee.