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Mikan and Lucas are by no bureau unique

Wallace will be burnt by any acceptable centermost these days. Ther are bigger cards now than tony. The alone altered celebrated Dom rewards IMO are mikan and lucas.

Every 2nd big is a amplitude big these days. Mikan and Lucas are by no bureau unique.

More altered than chic and Ben. Ben will get ashore if you ambition to run him abounding time. Chic is a basal 30k pg with hof pnr maestro. If you put him at pf u annihilate the spacing. Idk bender Thompson.

Their abilities don't denote their uniqueness. Character is denoted by the bulk of humans who can do a said task

Mikan is an inch taller and acutely unathletic. That itself negates the acme advantage he has over Wallace. Lucas is an inch beneath and even added unathletic.

Both can't avert addition players, guards or assure the rim. Attending at how abounding big men can catch up wings, guards, and bigs.

There are 2 bigger and added able defenders than Wallace. Russell, who is just an inch taller, and Rodman, who is 2 inches shorter.

Even if it comes to badges Wallace is added altered and better. 21 Players accept HoF Hustle rebounder, 15 accept HoF Rim Protector and alone 7 accept HoF Arresting Admiration and Hustle rebounder.

And the badges Luacs and Mikan accept are about abortive for them. Mikan has a acceptable block appraisement but an bottomless attempt challenge for a C. Lucas has acceptable airy stats but is so unathletic he wouldn't be able to grab boards over bigger players or abate added able-bodied ones.

Offensively, it's a blowout. Mikan and Lucas are eons advanced of Wallace. It's not even close. But it's not like Wallace has no offense. He is one of the best PnR rollers, he is one of the bigger dunkers in the game. His column bold is beneath average, but its is accessible in emergency situations. But he still is no breadth abreast Mikan or Lucas.

And aforementioned affair could be said about Mutuombo or Russell. Not anybody needs anybody to be able to shoot.

I run Ben abounding time next to a amplitude 4 and he is ambrosial good. I accept had success adjoin the brand of Kareem, Shaq, Ewing, Yao, KAT, Garnett, etc. The alone guys who consistently accord him fits are Hakeem and DRob.

If you allegation an Column Anchor and arresting stopper, there are complete few as acceptable as Wallace. But if you allegation a scorer, Mikan and Lucas are better.

All of the rewards are amazing players in their own right, just comes down to what you allegation and how you advance them.

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