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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
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More than two options would be nice

I'd adulation for them to accompany that back. The interviews accept pointless. I apperceive it affects assistant chemistry, but like if you said some abhorrent accepting in an account in 2k11 your teammates would benumb you out, the admirers would boo you and the commentators would say something about it.

Now I just blench whenever DJ says something stupid. Gave those scenes a purpose. Aswell I'd adulation if there area added than 2 options for answers.

More than two options would be nice. In 2k11 you had four. You could acknowledgment professional, arrogant, loyal, or indifferent.

I would adulation a cutscene or how your teammates acknowledge if you acquaint the radio appearance that drillmaster allegation to cut the account of a vet to get you added PT.

I'm apprehensive if DJ is in actuality bipolar. In some of the cutscenes he's got a complete innocent "just blessed to be here" vibe, afresh in other's he's a accepted asshole. And yeah, the options to acknowledgment questions just reinforce that.

If I get one added cutscene area DJ is a fucking ass to Aaron or his abettor I will ambition to uninstall the game.

I will not in actuality do it, but I'll accede it briefly. Delay til you get the Mountain Dew beatific to your attic and see how he treats the doorman.

The way he advised spinelli was the dickiest affair ever. i was so affronted with that able cut scene. circuit didn't deserve that. i'm an asshole IRL, but annihilation like that.

The antic went on way to long. That was the abandoned affair about the cut scenes that I hated (also annihilation involving B Fresh).

Made him attending like a complete scumbag fuckboy.

Then afresh all the "script" writers for all the scenes this year needs to be taken out aback abaft the woodshed and caned until they affiance never to abode annihilation anytime again.

The best was during the ascent stars bold if the announcers said I was accepting bound account and with a lot of plan and backbone ill get to see the attic added generally with the clippers.

Meanwhile im seeing the a lot of MPG on my aggregation and scoring 30 pts a game. smdh.

Wait, no. The best is if I met Kyrie and I told him my jumpshot wasnt falling of Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, while im cutting a alliance best (for a guard) 60% from the field.