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  • Haley

    Things that amazed me were shipp ...

    Nov-12-2017 16:55:08 PST
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    Every time I come here, I enjoy ...

    Nov-04-2017 16:44:55 PST
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    trusted, come here next time again.

    Oct-21-2017 16:46:55 PST

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MTnba2k - 2k are cunts

The connected brigading for humans who are pre-ordering is ridiculous. It's not your coffer account. Let the guys live. Personally, I haven't fabricated a accommodation yet but if I do jesus christ let me live.

You guys actually down voted a guy to -23 on the endure column because he said "I'm traveling to accede pre-ordering. It seems nice I'll delay for the dev blog, but I play the hell out of the bold anyway."

It's not your money, and let them do what they ambition angelic fuck. I've been afar of this association for three years at this point and it's never been this bad angelic shit.

Please don't cull the, "it's their money just let them do what they want" card. Because the suckers that are battery out an added $90 on basic agreeable are affliction the blow of the association and the gaming industry as a whole. If you haven't yet accomplished MyTeam is basically a "pay absolute money to win" bold mode.

Everyone like my self, who refuses to absorb absolute money just on assumption alone, are larboard in the dust by the humans spending absolute money. Not abandoned that but 2k has consistently been absolution an amateurish artefact to us and now they accept the adventurousness to try to actuate their fanbase to bead $150 on their artefact afterwards even cogent us what is new this year.

Its candidly a bang in the face and is just a authentic money grab. To me, this alternation has developed dried on me and is defective innovation.

Also let me say this, I accept been affairs 2k every year aback 2k6 and it's been a actual important allotment to me but I am seeing this authorization alteration for the worse and it's sad to see.

Don't get me wrong, I accede with you in about every faculty but I ambition to be arena a hoops bold on my animate next year, appropriately abrogation me no added option.

Ball is lyf, 2k are cunts...Something something, where's my acclaim card!? There are far too abounding accidental players to apprehend a scattering of hardcores who avoid is traveling to advance to annihilation benign for the association as a whole. Amiss attitude? Realist? You decide.

It's like humans adage "It's their vote, don't anguish about it, let them live" about humans who voted for Trump. Humans Preordering affects players and shows 2K they don't charge to fix bits and NBA 2K18 MT Coins can accumulate accomplishing the babble VC stuff.