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MTnba2k - A Few Questions From a 2K18 Noob

I've played the endure few 2K's and am adequately accustomed with about 20 hours in on 2K18 over the weekend, and actuality are some questions that I have...

1) I apperceive there is a HUGE "micro transactions" agitation on this game, so afterwards affairs any VC, is it accessible to get anywhere abreast (the alley to ) 99? I apprehend that you "have to pay $50 just to get to 80"? I can get there afterwards spending my $, right?

2) Is there a listing/website of accepted all-embracing leaders apropos 99's? Are there any yet?

3) Is there a way to abolish shoes from your absolute bold roster? I don't get paid to abrasion UA or Jordans, so I'd like to abolish the locker allowance locker.

4) I larboard it up to the admirers to vote for their admired Mountain Dew Can clear of me, haven't heard annihilation aback and it's been about 5 (NBA) games...that a glitch?

5) Is there any point to the JBL flat and turntable acceptance that Shammy introduces you to? Or just accidental fun afterwards any accolade there?

6) What does it beggarly if a MyPlayer has an NBA logo next to it in the park?

7) I don't absolutely get the Gatorade achievement exhausted (0-100%) Do you get the aforementioned achievement accession if it is at 50, than if at 100? Just don't accept it be 0, correct? And does it alone accession fatigue levels?

8) How the hell am i declared to get my 5 Gatorade Shirt esplanade amateur if no one will alarm next with a 65?

9) Above-mentioned to accepting able to actualize your own jumpshot, what is admired as the best/most able jumpshot for myplayer? Currently application Paul George, about get any greens, what should I use? And if I get to actualize my own, I apprehend 9 or 39 are some of the bigger shots?

10) I'm bold I'll be a chargeless abettor afterwards the aboriginal season, will I get to accept any team, or get just a few offers? Does Shammy accompany me on or breach behind? Beneath cut scenes if you go to a new team, right? And finally...

11) Will "B Fresh" anytime die and go away?

That's all I got for now, acknowledgment for account this. Buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT at