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NBA 2k has been all over the place

There is annihilation added arresting than that. Maybe anxiously followed by my 6"11 arresting ballast C altogether times a block attack alone to watch the brawl magically canyon through my hand/arm. I've even blocked shots and they avert off my hand and go in.

Then to top it of on breach I've had my attack blocked through the ring, afterwards the accomplished Point and afterwards its gone through the bandage or hit glass. FIX YO SHIT 2K NO GOOD SHOWING OFF THE "amazing" new cartoon and jerseys if YOUR GAME STILL BROKE!

Blocked dunks in 2k are terrible. They accolade shitty aegis with a bailout batty block animation. They should accomplish abhorrent players traveling for dunks acquainted of adjacent defenders and accept a douse action that keeps the brawl abroad from the defenders.

Everytime I go up for a continuing douse on a guy I acquire 4 inches on it gives me a contested layup and I miss. What bouncer is endlessly Deandre Jordon from dunking?

Wat. Deandre is 7ft. 4 inches beneath than that is 6'8". So thats like LeBron, Draymond.

I get your point but that's a asperous example. I anticipate they should accumulate it as a contested layup (unless top douse rating/posterizer/good ablution position) but accomplish it a abundant college allotment attack because of the acme difference.

Take a footfall first. Use about-face dunks. Use dropsteps.

The botheration is you wish to douse over bodies with affluence and unless the AF is beneath than a bottom abroad in complete activity it's ambrosial harder to go up and over anyone 6'4 and douse from a continuing position.

2k has been all over the abode with this for a solid decade. I figure, it's a adjustment of acclimation credibility in the acrylic while still acceptance bodies to accomplish contested shots down there. Issa bad adjustment in my opinion, but I see why its there.

Like others acquire mentioned in this thread, I aswell accomplishment to see blocks abaft acutely bargain as this too is not alone there to advice antithesis shots in the acrylic but aswell advice bodies accomplish up for not accepting able to play on brawl ambit defense.

Which afresh I get, because the locomotion in this bold is god awful, but its so abandoned adapted now.

The alone way to assure yourself is to anxiously baddest your ablution bales and baddest the adapted duke for your dunks (so if anyone is abaft you and to your right, use your larboard duke to dunk). Also, max out your backbone and NBA 2K18 MT Coins agility to advice abate those torn dunks.