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NBA Live - how big TI is compared to other events

All the talent do have the correct visas. The problem is that no visa exists for exactly what they are doing. This is not a Valve problem, its an esports issue and a U.S immigration law problem. People need to actually research before making posts like this NBA Live Coins.

I've done my research, and will never claim that I am a lawyer. As I said that in another response to this thread, it might be a mix up. But from what I understood from Bulldog's statement is that he was just being honest with Migration and that honesty made him miss TI7.

I understand that the law is really complex, even more immigration law. Do you think that immigration law will change in the near future and can we expect this visa issues to be resolved? I don't even think this is in the agenda of any politician today.

I disagree with nearly all this paranoid nonsense. Icefrog and Gaben have been handling Dota 2 in an amazing way. Show some gratitude.

They listen to threads all across the internet and Icefrog speaks to the players directly. An international association of Dota already exists, we don't need an Official Dota Congress to take control over something that Icefrog has been delicately handling for over a decade.

Looking at the scale of an event based on prize pool for first is a disingenuous way to evaluate how big TI is compared to other events.

NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. players make the vast majority of their money from their contracts (and endorsement deals for superstars), not by winning events.