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  • Bartley

    best service, thanks guys.

    Feb-10-2018 16:27:59 PST
  • Jarrod

    buy a lot of nba coins, Just spe ...

    Jan-26-2018 16:28:48 PST
  • Arthur

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NBA Live - NBA Live will absolutely be better

I acquainted like I was just acquirements how to play basketball if I dribbled in that game. I upgraded my casual to 80 and acquainted like every added canyon off. Defense is the one affair I can say acquainted affectionate of NBA Live Mobile Coins.

This bold is absolute awful. Feels like a ps2 ambiguous ps3 game. Abhorrent animations, abhorrent cartoon , abhorrent commentary.

Animations are actual bad but I don't anticipate the cartoon are too bad. NBA Live will absolutely be better.

Presentation yes but I don't see how the customization is better. The face customization is debris with 12 preset faces and again you just change the hair and facial hair.

The beheld presentation maybe. annotation sounds like a ps1/ps2 bold lmao i adulation breen and van gundy in absolute activity but they complete acutely automatic and break bashful for way too continued in live.

No I adulation 2k, and I can't delay for 18. But I enjoyed the audience and it needs advance but it isn't terrible.

You're adage that could cause its something new and 2k17 has added or beneath been one of the affliction 2ks in contempo memory. No way in hell is Reside a bigger basketball simulation than 2k though, sorry.

It's appealing meh, but kinda playable. I couldn't get the figure casual or figure switching to plan to save my activity so I concluded up just quitting.

It is appealing fun to play with all the rules off including out of bounds, makes it actual arcadey brand it's declared to be player.

By pointing out that 2k frequently shows up in rap lyrics and is a allotment of hip hop culture? Wow 2k gonna charge some ice for that burn.

2K should acknowledgment the favor by accepting the NBA Reside adaptation of Right Thurr in 2K18 with a few accessory tweaks to reflect 2K18.