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NBA players accept gotten WAY bigger over time

Cowens and Kevin Garnett both accept absolute admirable ambit for their position, 2K18 MT Coins and I ahead they deserve a three ball, admitting not as top as 2k bold them.

I ahead of KG as abundant range, but never a 3pt shooter. In todays nba, I accept no agnosticism that he would be a abundant 3 point shooter.

The aforementioned can be said about a lot of of those guys...Which is why 2K gave them 3-balls.

The absoluteness is that ALL celebrated players get stats adapted to bout the times. Fucking Oscar Robertson didn't accept 98 Brawl Ascendancy by 2017 standards, but they accord it to him, because it makes sense. Giving these bigs 3 pointers makes sense too. At atomic for a lot of of them.

Dennis Rodman should not accept a 3 pointer. He couldn't shoot 2s...but for the bigs that could shoot appropriate ambit Malone, Ewing, KG, Hakeem, etc...I'm accomplished with it.

I apprehend you. you accept a point. i don't ahead its a adequate affair they are accomplishing it, but i can see the additional side. a lot of these guys are admired by admirers but few would play them if they don't fit into the way a lot of humans play.

It's not even just about "how a lot of humans play"; it's about how the bold has evolved.

Unpopular, but to me in fact obvious, assessment - NBA players accept gotten WAY bigger over time. If we were to get in a time machine, and accompany today's All NBA Teams to any added time in history, and play the All NBA Teams of that year...This era's would WASH anyone else.

You can altercate that the bold itself, or the alliance on the accomplished isn't the best it's anytime been...but the absolute accomplishment of the players? It's not even close.

For celebrated players to be annual a damn, they accept to be adapted to fit the 2017 NBA. For guards, that agency juicing their dribbing...their 3...their off-dribble shooting...and for bigs, that agency juicing their 3 ball.

We assume to be OK with the guards/wings accepting juiced.. but for some reason, the bigs get hate. I don't in fact get it.