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Fresh episodes match Westworld in number of seeders. This show is so fucking big already, but the insanely stupid way it's delayed or exclusive to X country means nobody knows. People can choose to wait six months, live in the us, or pirate NBA Live Mobile Coins.

That is not strictly an accurate correlation, a lot of people autosnatch new episodes of tv shows as they come out, so those matching numbers initially is probably due to that. But it is the best one we have as far as measuring pirated downloads.

If 609k households tuned in on cable to watch the episode, the number of downloaders has to be in the millions I am sure. The way this show is distributed there are fans all over the world who have the choice of either waiting a year to watch a show they are passionate fans of, or downloading the show illegally. Cable is not quite dead but I assume its going to reach a well deserved death in a few years, so its a lousy distribution method. I doubt there is any way to really estimate how many are pirating it though.

I'll add the top 5 performers (by episode) all time, which should work as a good comparison. There's only 31 episodes, so the fall off from the top performers to the mid-performers is pretty eef with Sony.

As far as indication, it should say the resolution at the bottom of the screen next to the controls, at least it does on the TV, set top a console apps. I don't know about PC.