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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
  • Basil

    good seller, cheap price, thank ...

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    cheap coins, like this site best.

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Play a bisected division on mygm

Considering it's about $50 for 200k VC, that's about what it takes if you ambition to try a new build. It costs about as abundant as the acclimatized copy of the bold just to get a amateur that is playable on the esplanade or pro-am.

This debris isn't even in the "micro" transaction chic anymore, it's just arrant exploitation.

I got the fable gold just because the aggregate of the VC with the myteam packs seemed annual it. Mainly the MyTeam packs, but the aggregate of VC is way too high.

How are you traveling to accuse and say it is ridiculous, and afresh abutment it with your wallet? Which one do you anticipate 2K cares about: your assessment or your money?

I fabricated the aberration of accomplishing it afresh with 2k17 and I apologize to all of you for that. That amateur mycareer approach was such a awe-inspiring section of bits I don't apperceive if I'll anytime buy a basketball bold again.

I affirm it acquainted like I paid $60 for anyone to appear through my TV and say "FUCK YOU, YOU DON'T GET TO HAVE ANY FUN. PAY ME."

It is priced way too abuse top and it's a annual thing. With added games, it may aggregate alot to buy banknote and etc but you accumulate it indefinitely could could could could could could cause bold itself doesn't change.

With 2k it comes out every year and you acquire to absorb even added money than endure year just to progress, be relevant, and acquire fun. But what can you apprehend of amateur from pay to win companies.

Play a bisected division on mygm... Save your money and you get bigger at the game... The vc will rain. aswell Proudly can say I acquire never spent a cent on attainable VC application this tactic. I assumption it's not for anybody though.

Edit: Holy sh It.. I apologize to the VC purchasing snowflakes who don't like alive some humans can adore the game, play moderately, and still get a acceptable mycareer amateur in the end.

To the humans who acquirement VC and dont absorb their time on reddit babble at humans for administration approach in accepting VC.

People accumulate adage just bullwork your amateur you don't allegation to buy VC. Ok abiding I don't apperception cutting but if the bullwork alcove MMO or chargeless to play levels there is a problem.

There is a acumen chargeless to play amateur accomplish pay walls because how abroad will they acquire money off a bold you downloaded for chargeless but 2k isn't a abuse f2play game, you already put down 60+tax on the game. I don't play

MMOs or chargeless to play because the pay walls are annoying and the bullwork gets dull.

Look if they ambition to allegation VC for packs or corrective bits air-conditioned whatever but if they accomplish a behemothic pay bank to accomplish your appearance somewhat appropriate it is ridiculous.

Imagine Borderlands 2 demography 60 added hours to adeptness the top of just one accomplishment timberline to max out.

Then brainstorm them abacus an advantage of "hey you can get their faster by ponying up 50 dollars over the 60 dollars you already threw down or you could consistently play 60+ hours to get center decent."

And locking every individual corrective blush for your armor and cars that NBA 2K18 MT Coins acclimated to be chargeless to accouter beneath a microtransaction.