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play somewhere else at the end of NBA Live Mobile Coins

You can have an ace-in-the-hole pick like Anthony Davis and if you don't have competent management, the player will just languish or play somewhere else at the end of NBA Live Mobile Coins.

The underrated part of the Process is how well they built roleplayers during the tanking process. Guys like TJ, Covington, Saric and Holmes all got experience playing during their losing ways that the team is confident when Embiid or Simmons are off the floor.

The Process not only left the 6ers with 2, potentially 3 transformative talents; they got contract flexibility, a cheap, incredibly talented support cast and only one bad contract.

Even when teams successfully tank or luck out and get an elite prospect, it rarely results in a contender without extreme luck or good management. AD, Booker and Boogie are fantastic examples of that.

Not only are you competing with all the other tanking teams for the highest pick, you have to do it more then once because one star isn't enough. Then even if your lucky enough to land a top 4 pick two years in a row you have to hope to hit on the pick both times, which isn't even close to a guarantee considering there's always busts in the top 5.

To make it even more complicated. If your first pick ends up being too good to quick he could take you right out of contention for the top pick his first year, being good enough to win you 30 or so games, and then you'll be stuck with your won star and only be able to build around him with late lottery picks.

I think the point is that you need Boogie caliber players to compete for championships, but you don't need to be in the top 3 of the draft to get them, you just need to pick the right guys and develop them.

This is much harder when your team is run by morons, drafting Thomas Robinsons.

This just shows that maybe tanking will prove to be significantly less effective, compared to having a GM who's patient and has a plan. Doesn't even have to be a Jerry West/Danny Ainge level guy, just stay patient and opportunistic, stick to the plan, and don't get trigger happy to give older or mid level stars a contract worth more than they are. I think the NBA will evolve as it always does, tanking will become much less prevolent, and teams will start to become more cautious and calculated about the guys they sign and draft.

I feel like the trust between the GM and ownership also has a lot to do with it. Guys like Danny have a lot of freedom and are trusted to do what is best. A lot of other GMs might be told by the owners that they need to make a splash or they end up on the hot seat with their job on the line. This leads to GMs becoming more desperate to make huge short-sighted deals that mortgage the future of the franchise.