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    good seller, cheap price, thank ...

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Silver posterizer is okay

If I were you I would go with a sharpshotting attempt creator. You can still douse like crazy, as able-bodied as hit abysmal threes. I apprehension about that NBA 2K18 MT but I'm not acceptable cutting in this bold lol it's abhorrent for me. The alone way I in actuality apperceive how to shoot is off dribble.

I would just be authentic allotment a slasher as an archetype. Anyone told me that it charcoal your douse tendency. Not abiding if it's authentic or not but I would attending into it.

Players just ambition to douse whenever they ambition which isn't realistic. They accept to accept anxiously how to attack. Relentless finisher on HOF and Posterizer Gold. I postered so abounding ppl im apathetic with ablution on people.

BUT....and I beggarly BUT.

If i drive to the lane and anyone armament my douse to a layup that agency they accept top aegis badges so, just play mid ambit bold or do a simple hesistant move already in the lane, players hardly play with iq they just ambition douse everytime.

Silver posterizer is accept but tbh I haven't apparent abounding slashing shotcreators in the esplanade communicable acquaintance dunks. I accept a 91 all-embracing playmaking slasher and this physique is bigger if you don't ambition to bullwork to 97 all-embracing to get 86 brawl control as a slashing shotcreator.

You get 86 brawl ascendancy at 89 all-embracing with the play slasher. Play slasher aswell has HoF acrobat so I in fact alone absence heavily contested layups which are shots I shouldn't be demography anyways.

The cutting on my playslasher is admirable with jump attempt boosts as well. I'm cutting about 40% from 3 in the esplanade and blooming about bisected of those. Every physique can shoot from midrange but with the playslasher you get brownish difficult shots.

Isn't your acquaintance douse about the aforementioned at 83-84? Alone aberration is you accept gold posterizer. And I will not be affairs boosts lol so I'm kinda on my own.

My acquaintance douse is an 86 aback I maxed my weight, which I acclaim if you ambition acquaintance dunks and the accident of dispatch is not noticeable. Gold posterizer , HoF acrobat and one man fast breach are the upgraded badges.

Badges are added important than attributes and imo id rather be complete acceptable at a few things than just accept at a agglomeration of things. And candidly you don't accept to buy boosts.

I just do now aback I'm absorbed on em and accept the VC to spend. If you're teammates accept at atomic argent dimer you still should be hitting accessible shots with a acceptable release.

How do you account in Proam with the acrylic consistently crowded? I haven't had this affair tbh. A lot of bodies accept cutting archetypes and will bend about the arc. Alone botheration is if there are two 7'3 Centermost who don't apperceive what they're doing.

In the bisected cloister I still abstract by my apostle and usually end up posterizing whatever apostle is in the paint.

Also demography the brawl bank to bank off rebounds. One man fast breach is no antic and I alone accept it on gold adapted now. If you're so anxious about scoring and agreement in pro am go with a playmaking shotcreator.