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Starting in NBA Live Mobile Coins

A longer season, or at least a more spread-out one, will happen once teams actually relocate to their home cities, starting in NBA Live Mobile Coins.

It's just not going to happen. Nature of the beast. Yeah, that kind of sucks, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

I don't expect them to be on the live patch, just to communicate with the fans and teams what they'll be using and why. There was a huge outcry when new Hanzo was left out, it turns out that was because there was a potential bug they were avoiding. All I'm asking is that they tell us that, it's entirely reasonable that they want to avoid game breaking bugs on the pro stage. I think they made the right call, but only once I knew why they made that call in the first place.

Yeah some of the team YouTube vids are great but I'd like to see more articles on and more vids like Watchpoint. Just call me Jonny5, I need input!!

Twitch is really good, granted, I just like the official website and don't understand the delay in getting matches on there. Just a small thing but it's what I think.

This last 1 is something I'd like in a perfect world but realistically don't expect. At least not for a while.

I think they're still adjusting to how patches and announcements should work. I expect slow but steady improvement.

In terms of media coverage I like to read articles and don't see so many of those. I only have so much time to watch videos and that is spent watching the games. More written articles for my commutes would be cool.

It's all minor wishes though to be fair, I think they've done an amazing job and even if they changed nothing they still have a fan in me for a long time.

I thought like stage 1 they were pretty rough on communicating how the maps were being selected and what patch it was on etc. but I think stage 2 forward they've actually done great communicating that stuff, they mostly talk about it in the like pre game shows if you turn it on a little bit before the first match and they talk alot about which patch it is going to be on prior to each stage and I think they just stop talking about it because it never changes throughout the stage, I think it would be fairly redundant if they were talking about it constantly but I guess if you miss the first night of a new stage you could be kind of confused.