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Suggest she moves out NBA Live Mobile Coins

She does not seem suited to live with roommates. I do think you and the other guy should tell her that you're unhappy living with her and suggest she moves out NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Fwiw I think you guys are being too understanding. I don't really give a fuck if you don't like me being in my own living space-- that's a her problem, not a you problem.

We're both empathetic guys and when she asks us to "understand" we are doing our best. it's time she makes the effort to understand that she's the unreasonable, difficult one. i feel bad because she cries, and she expresses a real desire to be better. but this situation is increasingly unpleasant and untenable.

She keeps on crying and says that she’s trying when confronted but she should at least put effort into it. It’s not hard to take 5 seconds to think before responding to someone.

Honestly, I’d strongly suggest that she vacates the house. She doesn’t seem like someone who would do too well living with other people.

It's frustrating because the empath in me struggles when she makes the plea for me to try and understand where she's coming from. the conversation shouldn't even get that complex. it's a simple issue: she can't stand anyone being in the space at the same time as her.

If that doesn't work for her, the time for compromise is over. She doesn't want compromise, she wants to have things her way. Ignore her completely. Do not engage in conversation about this.

"I'm not interested in talking further about this" and "I'm have compromised as much as I'm going to." (repete word for word if she says you haven't compromised at all or starts talking about why she can't, Sound stricter each time) are pretty much the only things you need to bother with saying, don't engage any further than that.

And you're exactly right re: compromise, because to her, compromise consists of giving her the space many nights per week. you wanna cook? cook. but i'm not going to just give you the entire space.

it's just frustrating because in many cases, it IS easier for me to just stay in my room, because i want to avoid causing her the grief. i want to just stay in here because i know she's gonna be bugged by my presence.

That feeling is exactly what she's aiming for. She says something about you being there and has this discussion every. single. time. so that you will have that feeling and not come out.