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    Mar-21-2018 10:27:07 PST
  • Basil

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Talking about this NBA Live Coins

Hey everybody before the spurs golden state game check out my new video going in depth on their secret weapon Javale McGee I hope you guys enjoy and let me know if you like this kind of content and how you think it could improve and if you disagree about anything lemme know i love talking about this NBA Live Coins.

I just bought the lpass package for regular season + playoffs,but im a little confused,do i get to watch the upcoming regular season or only this year playoffs since it was bought now?

NBA team building as a whole is pretty much "solved" in a general sense: blow it up to draft a star, then build through the draft and hope to sign another star in cap space.

Let’s let harden live out his prime before we start the comparisons. But if he keeps up this level of play for a few more years I’m going harden.

Can someone settle a debate between my friend and I? Does the player have to maintain possession of the ball that they forced into a turnover to get credit for a steal? For instance, if player A deflects an entry pass but doesn’t really possess it and player B catches it off the deflection.

I'm a little concerned they're going to flame out because they're bench is so thin and they're pretty injury prone. Plus, I just don't see them getting past the Warriors even if they beat Portland.

It looks like it's painted onto something based on the fence coming out towards you looks. Whether it's an alleyway or a building wall though I can't tell.

Got a project due Thursday that I'm like 40% sure my partner won't show up for. The grade will more or less decide my grade on the entire year, so I'm slowly starting to freak over it.

Plan to tomorrow if my partner isn't in class. They say they'll be there for presentation day... But they've made a bit of a habit of missing class recently.

I had a tough time selling my extra pair of tickets to last nights rockets game. I bought them for $90 each upper bowl but got lower bowl tickets for a good deal thus me trying to sell it. 3 hours left before tip off I had to sell them for $65 each but thanks to the seller fees I got like only $117.