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That's a bold breaking bug FROM NBA Live Mobile Coins

I am traveling to yield umbridge with thoroughly. There's no way this bold gets thoroughly tested. This isn't just a NBA Live18 problem, this is a NBA Live every year problem. I don't apperceive what is worse 1)Not testing your game or 2) advisedly absolution a adulterated product. And what about Legacy problems like MyPlayers getting deleted. That's a bold breaking bug FROM NBA Live Mobile Coins. I acclimated to accord NBA Live the account of the doubt, but it's become abundantly bright that acquisitiveness has got the bigger of them.

The developers, producers, writers, and added advisers aural the aggregation play it while in assembly and aftermath feedback. Rather than accept a aggregation of able committed testers to in actuality fix bugs like most video bold franchises utilize.

Why even accept testers if your not traveling to fix anything? For the endure 3 years NBA Live has set the bar for how bad/buggy a bold is at launch.

If you ambition a bold that is a sim of basketball, NBA Live18 is lit. But it's just that mypark and the shots are torn as fuck. Live is like arena NBA Live18.

I acquainted beggared if I bought this bold aboriginal tip off and had to actualize a amateur blindly because they didn't add the affection to see your attributes until application 1.03

Mainly NBA Live is authoritative their money off of kids or just humans who's minds are accomplished to chase in the "if you pay you will accept added fun" for vc and shit. who use their parents money to buy this game, so it doesn't absolutely aftereffect them if they decay money on a bold and vc and don't like it.

I ambition humans would address for NBA Live to get its act calm and in actuality authority them amenable for fuckery like accident characters.

There are a lot of alternating bugs in the bold like if humans can't play with their accompany in NBA Live15, NBA Live16 and NBA Live17.. assumption what? aforementioned affair in NBA Live18. How about the actuality that you can spam the advantage button after you sim the bold on MC?