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The same announcer he typically is NBA Live Mobile Coins

Imo mark Jackson should never be announcer for the warriors. He clearly has not let bygones be bygones, and it shows every game. At least JVG is the same announcer he typically is NBA Live Mobile Coins.

When the Warriors won in 2015, Curry went out of his way to find Jackson and say something like "you're a part of this" to him after the game. But Jackson's still not over it.

I used to like the Mark Jackson JVG combo, but these days their analysis lacks depth and being biased as well don't help. JVG has repeated the same complaint about the league rules for so many times it's starting to get tiring.

Over the last couple years I feel like JVG has gone from endearing and funny to just annoying. Way too many times he and Mark Jackson turns an actual good, competitive game into his podcast. I'm talking like they go commercial break to commercial break of a tight game without anyone but Mike Breen talking about the actual basketball game in front of them.

It's very clear that JVG isn't at all interested in the games anymore and will look for an excuse to go off an a tangent at any time. I tuned in to watch a basketball game with professionals talking about the game I'm watching not tuning in for JVG's opinion on car washes for the love of god get him off TV.

Conversely, I'd argue that it's just as bad to put "yes men" in the booth that do nothing but talk about how "amazing" the league is while the refs completely botch ridiculously obvious calls on both teams.

To put guys in the booth that act like everything is fine when refs are doing a terrible job makes me, as a non-casual fan, not want to watch at all. It makes me feel like the league is more worried about their public perception than the integrity of their game.

I agree partially, but complaining about refs is pretty played out and kinda lacks understanding. It is true that refs make mistakes, but it is only pointed out when they do poorly. Every team has people

that complain about the refs. So someone may ask, why is that? A common theory would be that NBA refs suck. But if NBA refs suck, then surely the league would want to fix that and being a well-run organization with tons of resources (which it is), it would seem very possible to do so.

Yet we still have this perceived refs issue. So that theory is kinda invalid, and it leads to the more likely conclusion is that reffing a basketball game is very hard. So by complaining about the refs, youre basically complaining about basketball being hard to ref, which is a kinda weird complaint. While I often will yell initially against a call against the sixers, I eventually come around to the conclusion that, no the league is not out to get us (which a few people in our sub were actually saying at one point) and no, the refs dont suck, reffing is just hard. I think this is the correct way to look at things.

I agree that they shouldnt act that every call is correct, but JVG operates in a way that he goes out of his way to complain about tons of calls. This is A. bad for the league, and B. Just a bad thing to complain about. That combined with Van Gundy's complaining about every time a coach is fired makes his announcing incredibly frustrating.