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Warriors will be playing 5 vs NBA Live Coins

The only thing that I’m worried about are the refs and phantom calls being called on Curry and KD , which messes up our rotations and causes the Rockets to go on huge runs. Logically, the NBA would want the Rockets to win tonight so their golden boy Lebron has an easier road and knowing what I’ve seen from the NBA in the past, it’s a plausible theory that has credence to it. It’s very likely that the Warriors will be playing 5 vs NBA Live Coins.

I’m not making excuses , but I’ve seen our 2x MVP get thrown around like a rag doll an not get any fouls called for him, heck just last game, the Splash Brothers got ZERO free throw attempts which is just appalling to me. I will check back with this comment later on with regret I’m afraid.

If it’s calls you are worried about, you’re setting yourself up to watch a game that doesn’t exist.. shooting and defense will determine this, not some microcasm of something...

Hoping the Warriors come out looking like the cool, experienced team (which they are) and Rockets come out nervous. We need a good start and not chance it to a heroic 3rd.

We are the better team and now it's time to show it. If Dubs move the ball well and search for the open man instead of playing iso, it's a win.

It’s essential that the Warriors get out to a quick start. Step on their throats early and suck the life outta their stadium.

I honestly have no idea how this game is going to go. If it was at home for the warriors I would have been confident of a blowout. I am not so sure now and a close game terrified me.

Salty ass mf whining about our team. say what you will about KD, fine. but we drafted and developed our own all stars. and then we saw an opportunity to add one of the best players in the league. so guess what? of course we fucking go after him. what do you think this is? amateur hour? fuck off with that bullshit. you just mad you couldn't keep up.

CAVS had 3 picks in the last seven years, and they still needed an all time great performance from one of the greatest players in the league, ever, to reach the finals.

We did everything right and thus deserve all the success. They can complain all they want but we know we did this the right way.

One is a Finals MVP and 2x NBA champion, and the other is some ringless 33 year old who is just now playing in his first conference finals.