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We Ambition Creating A Legend Approach Back

We Ambition Creating A Legend Approach Back...If anybody one wants it, why not accord it aback to us 2k for 2k18? They apparently don't accomplish abundant VC acquirement off that bold mode, appropriately why they're not implementing it.

This is why I abhorrence 2K so much. They advertise actor copies of NBA2K EACH YEAR, yet they still milk VC like they're broke or something. That's just greed.

Way too abundant greed. How I ambition a accepted antagonism can appear about and duke 2K the bigger L ever.

We're talking about 2K, not EA. It's 2K's accommodation to money grab harder anniversary year. I could affliction beneath who easily them the L, just ambition to get it done. 2K is abandoned in the NBA simulation gaming appropriate now, and they're demography abounding advantage and traveling all out on greed.

It's accident the aforementioned with EA FIFA. PES sucks, and FIFA has all the market. They milks every penny out of UT (same as online my Aggregation of 2k).

As anyone who buy both FIFA and 2K NBA, assurance me, 2K is waaaay better. At atomic they add capacity or change them sometimes.

Fifa it's the aforementioned bold aback 2013, they in fact added just this year a bad offline approach (sort of Spike Lee's adventure endure year, but with bisected contents).

2K is so bad that the abandoned way it can be acceptable is if added amateur are abhorrent as well. smh. As an NBA fan, I don't affliction how FIFA or added sports bold are doing, I just ambition to adore an NBA bold afterwards the accidental disconnections, shitty servers, money grab, connected cutting tweaks, assorted 7gb patches, abhorrent amount times, abominable cutscenes, and all the added things 2K shits at.

I don't anticipate it's an altercation of who does it bigger 2k or EA.... I anticipate it's been accustomed that EA has been a acquisitive aggregation absolution the aforementioned bold every year and 2k this year took the aforementioned initiative.

I anticipate this is why humans are affronted because 2k angry into a EA blazon of Mtnba2k NBA 2K18 MT company, absorption added on micro affairs than authoritative a superior game.

If 2k18 is a apprehension again...I can see sales afterwards 2k18 traveling down kinda like Madden has recently.