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With a traditional control NBA Live Mobile Coins

Nintendo fucked up with Wii U so bad that no one wants to even put money into an exclusive deal with them years before the launch of their next system that is a hybrid unit with a traditional control NBA Live Mobile Coins.

Nintendo have essentially put themselves so far behind in terms of AAA third party support it's not even funny.

You'll still get a few cool games here and there, but the majority of releases will never have Switch as a lead platform or devs will have a secondary team work on a game. There's too much money involved at the AAA range that porting some game to Switch probably isn't worth it. They'd rather use those resources ($$$) to make additional content for the lead platforms.

They didn't feel it would be worth the investment to make it work. The Switch, being less powerful than the other platforms, requires more effort to make games work on it.

I do think Nintendo is building relationships with third parties this gen, and if next gen their system is closer in power to the competition and they give third parties dev kits early, we could see much better support.

When did you ever dream of Bethesda supporting Nintendo, what about From Software? Nintendo is finally starting to build relationships with 3rd parties. Some of the ports are selling well too.

But with streaming services investments growing and the fact that the system can run games like Wolfenstein 2, I would say Nintendo's future with third party relationships hasn't been brighter than they are right now.

EA and Take Two could bring their properties to the platform but with a fraction of the development time and cost while charging near that of the retail price on other platforms. We’re not going to see conventional ports of today’s triple A games.

We’re not even going to see ports of triple A games from year’s past. I’ve literally never seen a Switch out in public. Would result in more games and more high profile games. The only factor would be the owner’s internet connection being consistent enough. Plus i’m not sure about you but even with a 128GB card i’m down to my last gigabyte or so of storage space.