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Yet another reason why S4 will be NBA Live Mobile Coins

I've just gotten into the habit of leaving my cable box on SyFy on Wednesdays and watching the show on Prime. It’s so much better without commercials; yet another reason why S4 will be NBA Live Mobile Coins.

As an international cord cutter who watches the show on Netflix, I didn't even realize there were commercial breaks. I can't imagine how hard this show would be to follow with commercials interspersed.

It breaks the story up too. For example, last night there was a weird commercial break when Holden was in the med-bay and is testing himself. They had a really awkward cut and it really threw the pacing off.

I would cover and mute a tv, and then watch it on Amazon Prime. Since I don't own a tv at present, I just watch the show on Amazon Prime. I got tired of commercials and the lack of good stuff to watch on TV more then 10 years ago. I broke this rule once last year to watch The Mist on some network channel with my roommate. Commercials every 15 minutes. Don't know what channel it was on, and swore "never again".

Why keep a TV on though? Does that get counted as a view if you don't have a Nielsen box, or whatever they use for those who participate in that program? How can they track what people watch otherwise?

I must admit that since I do not own a tv, I tend to not pay attention to that. However, I know I have seen conflicting comments about this, so hopefully someone can chime in with something definitive.

Commercials: yea, it was horrible. I was actually glad when the season was over, because it was so annoying watching the show live. I want to enjoy my entertainment, not be annoyed by it.

I think the interesting thing is the effect this will have on future shows. Lots of shows have dedicated fan followings. However it's not always the case that the cast directly tells the fans how to help the show and they then do that and intentionally put their finger on the ratings scale.

The people at Syfy know the show is a success, just not from their end and they are stuck with their model (it was never a matter of renegotiating a better deal with Alcon).. After 3 seasons they also know for sure they can't meet their goals with it, and no massive numbers of new viewers would join those watching it live. Any increase over the years went to streamers, seasons passes for Alcon, or Prime.

They had no hope to push it in the zone that would "work" for them, and no other show that's a big hitter that could have made the number brought by TE "decent" (increasing ad revenues is all about average viewership per hour in prime time over certain periods, not about the rating of individual shows.


I think the show survived 3 seasons because some Executives at Syfy invested in the brand rebuilding were willing to lose money on it as part of that corporate goal, but now it's over. It's also entirely possible they waited until s3 because they knew it would sort of wrap up the story (phase 1) and this might harm their reputation a bit less than the cliffhangers of s1 and s2 (didn't work, I think, but the survival of the show mitigate the damage).